Parayanam For Gods & Goddess

Parayanam or Reading The Original Hindu Holy Text in Sanskrit is recommended to over come the hurdles in Life. Parayanam is the repetition of any scripture or sacred words with complete concentration. These words or sentences can be from the Vedas, Stotras, Puranas or Ithihasas. Different parayanams have different benefits It is usually done during special occasions and is done to benefit the individual. 


Poothana Moksham Parayanam

Parayanam (reading) of the 6 th chapter entitled “Poothana Moksham” in the 10th Division(Skandam) of “Sri MadBhagavatham“ is a remedy for the illness of children . It is preceded by pushpanjali to Lord Vigneshwara and Lord Krishna. Palpayasam , the favorite Naivedyam of Lord Krishna is also offered.


Saraswathi Kavacham And Sthothra Parayanam

The 4th and 5th chapters of Sri Devi Bhagavatham are hymns to please the goddess oflearning. By Parayanam (reading) of the hymns and Kavacha ( a cluster of Beejaksharam ) the blessings of Devi Saraswathi can be invoked.


Varahavathara Parayanam

To overcome job related problems believers are told to read the five chapters of 3rd Division(Skandam)of Sri MadBhavatham and 12th Division (Skandam)in Narayaneeyam which explains the 3rd incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Pushpanjali at Sri Lakshmi Varaha Moorthi temple at Thiruvananthapuram is also recommended .Garland made of lotus flowers is the favorite of the deity of this ancient temple which is about 2000 years old.


Rukmani Swayamvara Parayanam

The 53rd , 54th and 55th chapters of the 10th Division (Skandam) in Sri Madbhagavathamgive in detail the difficulties faced by Devi Rugmini before the union with Lord Sri Krishna Repeated .Parayanam (reading) of this portion enables to find out suitable life partner.


Chinthamani Grahana Parayanam

Parayanam (reading) of 12th chapter entitled Chinthamani Graham in the 12th Division (Skandam) of Sri MadDevi Bhagavatham is recommended to over come the hurdles inthe construction of house, renovation, decoration etc.


Shashti Devi Upghyana Parayanam

The 46th chapter in the 10th Division (Skandam) of “Sri Math Devi Bhagavatham” is an episode of Goddess Shashti Reading of this portion along with Pushpanjali is recommended for Sal Santhanam ( Good children).


Devi Mahathmya (Durga Sapthashashti) Parayanam

Devi Mahaathmyam which is widely read throughout India as a book of hymns and as abook of Moolamanthrams for performing Homam contains 700 slokas (verses) spreadin 13 chapters . To overcome the misfortunes in life and to attain all the four Purusharthas -_1. Dharma (Duty) 2.Artha(Wealth) 3.Kaama( Desire ) and 4. Moksha (liberation)- chanting of these slokas are recommended .The number of lines to read / recited for different purpose are different. Also Devi Mahaathmyam recommended to avoid evil effect, ward off Griha Dosham, over come fear, fulfill desires and eliminate enemies, for begetting sons and acquiring wealth, ultimately for overall prosperity & Moksha.


Mangala Chandika Sthuthi Parayanam

The 9th Division (Skandam)of Sri Math Devi Bhagavatham contains Mangala Chandika sthuthi. It is a hymn sung by Lord Parameswara praising Devi Durga. Parayanam(reading) of this hymns is recommended for marital bliss.


Narayaneeyam Parayanam

Narayaneeyam composed by Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathiri is the condensed form of sthuthi. It is a hymn sung by Lord Parameswara praising Devi Durga. Parayanam(reading) of Sri MadBhagavatham composed by Sri VEDA VYAASAN .It beautifully illustrates the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu in 1008 Slokas( verses)The author composed it in front of the deity Guruvayoorappan (the well known temple at south India at Guruvayoor) .He was cured of his partial paralysis as soon as he completed the 1008th Sloka. Regular Parayanam(reading) of Narayaneeyam enables to cure all sorts of illness.


Sundarakandam Paryanam

Right from ancient lives Parayanam (reading) of Ramayana has been considered as a religious rituals . Sundara Kandam is one of the 7 divisions of Ramayana, the chief content of which is the separation of Sitha and Sri Rama and services rendered by Sri Hanuman in uniting them.Parayanam(reading) of this part of Ramayana repeatedly is recommended for the uniting the separated couples.


Sri Math Bhagavatha Saptha Parayanam

Sri Math Bhagavatha Sapthaaham implies completing the recital of Sri MADBHAGAVATHA in a course of seven days (day time only) The 12 Divisions (Skandam) comprising 18000 slokas verses give in detail the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu,however the major portion of this epic is devoted to 9th incarnation – Lord Krishna- Poorna Purushothama .Recital of Bhagavatham is the best remedy to overcome all the hurdles in this Kali Yuga. People who struggle in life, as a result of deeds in this birth or previous births or due to the dissatisfaction of the souls of the forefathers because of failure on the part off springs in conducting rituals after death, are all benefited. Bhagavatha Sapthaaham proclaims devotion Devotion leads to liberation.


Sri Math Devi Bhagavatha Parayanam

The 18000 verses of the 12 divisions of Sri Devi Bhagavatham composed by Sri Vedavyasa is read and completed by nine days( day time only).You can attain all the four Purushatharas 1. Dharma (Duty) 2. Artha(Wealth) 3.Kaama( Desire ) and 4. Moksha (liberation) are attained The benifits are more than those of Yanga,Daana,Teertha,and Vritha . The month of Kanni(mid of Aguest & part of September ) Dhanu, (Mid of November & part of December ) Meanam (mid of March & part of April ) and Mithunam (Mid of June & part of July) are very special for “SRI MATH DEVI BHAGAVATHA NAVAHAM”.


Sri Maha Kali Kavacham

A Very sacred hymn from ancient book. Chanting of this Sri Maha Kalikavacham will protect us from all enemies and evil spirits. This is very powerful for eliminating an enemy’s evil wishes. This neutralizes and eliminates an evil wish or thought directed against us and makes an enemy think favorable or pleasing thoughts about us.


Sri Bhadrakali Mahathmyam

The story of Bhadrakali origin and until the Nigraha (killing) of Daruka, elapsed to nine chapters. This hymn is taken from Markandeya Puranam, very ancient text. The Parayanam of this Mahathmyam will help to remove Sukra moudhya (in Birth chart) / Mangalia Doshas / marriage problems and to overcome business enemies.


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